YieldCast is a series of statistical models that incorporate crop, weather, and yield observations to objectively forecast the U.S. corn and soybean yield every Wednesday from April into October.

The performance of YieldCast corn forecasts in early August has been truly outstanding.  Over the last 9 growing seasons, the YieldCast forecast of the final U.S. corn yield averaged #1 closest to the final yield of approximately 35 market analysts in early August.  More so, its output was more accurate than the forecast provided by the USDA in the August Crop Production report over 2010-18. And, the average of early October forecasts since 2010 were nearly identical to the October forecast provided by the USDA.  A detailed analysis of our corn forecasts is available here: YieldCast: Best Track Record In the Corn Industry Last 9 Years.

YieldCast soybean forecasts were not as accurate as for corn since 2010 as YieldCast, the market, and USDA had similar-sized errors in August and September, after which YieldCast forecasts fell behind in October as yield measurements were incorporated by the market and USDA.

Each weekly corn yield forecast since 2010 is available here, and an analysis of the accuracy of YieldCast compared to the market and USDA in August and October is available here.  Weekly soybean yield forecasts since 2010 are available here, and YieldCast compared to the market and USDA in August and October is available here.

Subscription Information
In 2019, YieldCast® forecasts are provided each Wednesday at 12 PM Central Time (1700 UTC) from April 17 through October 9. Pricing for one year of service  is as follows:

$3,250 for 1 license (person), or
$5,300 for 2 – 5 licenses, and
$1,000 for each additional license beyond 5